Frame Repair

3 Step Frame Repair Process

3 Step Frame Repair Process

Rust Holes in your Frame are not a death sentence for your vehicle.  We may be able to help.  As a used car manager, one of the worst phone calls I could get is when the Mechanic calls me to let me know that a vehicle I just traded has a bad frame.  This is not a phone call you want to get from the mechanic.

Since we are a PA Safety Inspection Garage in Bloomsburg,  we sometimes have to make this phone call to customers.  I know it is not the news you want to hear, but is is news we have to share when your vehicle fails inspection due to rust or rot in its frame.

The good news is that, many times it can be repaired allowing you to keep your vehicle on the road for some more time. 

Watch this video to see how we repair frames to make them safe again and legal for the road.

Sean Sprague
CarCara Inc., Owner

Video Text

Hey folks this is Sean Sprague from CarCara, and today I want let you know that we are your local or one of your local PA safety inspection stations and I had a situation or a story or event that happened here yesterday that I thought I'd make a little video about.  You see we had a customer that came in for an inspection and he like many of us when we bring our vehicle in for an inspection we think everything's going to be okay and probably seven or eight times out of ten most of the vehicles that come in here that is the case however yesterday when we brought the vehicle and when we put it on the lift we saw that the subframe had some major holes in it so we of course we had to call the customer and explain to him that we had a choice to make we have to you know either repair the subframe replace it or he's going to not be able to pass inspection so I'm making this video let you know that we can do frame repairs and we'll walk you through the process we follow so that if you are getting your vehicle inspected somewhere else or if someone tells you that your frame is rotted and you can't pass inspection you can come get a free second opinion here at CarCara here let's walk through the process and see how it's done so did your vehicle fail inspection four holes in the frame do not junk it just yet come get a free second opinion here at CarCara in Bloomsburg so like a few customers we've had here our vehicles I've traded in we put the vehicle on the air in the air on the lift and we take a look we see this holes in the frame or the frame rails now this does fail inspection however we may be able to save the vehicle and we can do an affordable repair and also let you know that this is preventable and we have programs for that as well you have a three step process step one is clean and prepare the affected area we remove the rusty metal from the holes we're going to wire wheel holes and the surrounding area is preparing it for the next step we're going cut from eighth inch Stock still patches for the holes we're going to tackle all them to the holes then we're going to heat them and then we're gonna form them to the contours of the frame once we've done that we'll put place a continuous weld around the entire patch finally we're going to cover it with some flat black spray paint when I applied multiple coats this is going to slow down and protect the affected areas and gonna give you more time on your vehicle now the way we the cost of this is simple we just charge you know for part supplies and labor this particular repair that I was showing you included fixing up to five different holes in the subframe we have a base charge of . pull the welder out that's going to cover shop supplies you know big fuel for the welder a welding wire stuff like that steel and labor time now labor rate is very affordable it's  $59.95 an hour this particular pair was about mind you did cover five different holes that we had to patch and depending upon the condition of your vehicle that cost may be lower or higher and we do accept cash checks and credit cards please do not hesitate to reach out to us I'll be happy to give you a free second opinion to see if we can save your vehicle and allow you to drive for another year or two that you having to replace it again this is Sean from CarCara…  thank you very much and came any questions our phone number is 570 317 2435

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