How We Can Help You with The CarCara Way

The CarCara Way

My wife Cherokee and I started CarCara Inc with one founding principle:  Offer you the MOST TRANSPARENT Car Buying Process Ever.  Now, we believe we have a New Way for You to Buy a Used Car.  Instead of just saying this though, we want to share with you what you can expect when you visit us.

1.            You initiate contact:  You will not be bombarded by salespeople when you arrive.

2.            NO SALESPEOPLE/ NO COMMISSIONS:  Only salaried Car Concierges trained to assist along your process on your terms.  You will not have to question our employees' motivations. 

3.            Your BUYING PROCESS:  Want to know what rates we have first, want to get your trade appraised first, want to discuss all of the numbers first?  NO PROBLEM.

4.            Transparent Trade in Process:  We will appraise your car together, and we will share all of the wholesale data and calculations with you.  You will see what we see.

5.            Open Book Pricing (R) with No Hassle Prices:  You will know what we paid for each car, how much we spent on each car, and what the mark up is on each car too.

6.            Balance of Factory Warranty:  We seek out Off Lease and Clean Carfax vehicles still under factory warranty.

7.            We want you to know what we know!  Even if we are not the dealership for you right now, we would be happy to provide you with inside knowledge of dealership culture and tactics so we can help you at any dealership save money, time, and aggravation.

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Open Book Pricing

This was the concept that started it all.  As I left my last job working for a Typical Car Dealership, I thought to myself,  why can we not do it different.  Why do we always have to play the game.  And it hit me... Why not just disclose everything to the customer, and change the game in the customers favor.  

That is how Open Book Pricing came about.  So now on each vehicle, you can now know what it cost and how much mark up is on it too.  Now you truly know what kind of deal you are actually getting. 

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5 Star Customer Service

Sure I can tell you we are different, and promise to treat you with respect.  (And we will)  But, I invite you to see what past customers have said about us.  You see, the reason why I disclose our process and make these statements is because I want you the customer to hold us accountable.  With out you, there is no CarCara.

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Service Department

We carry this same philosophy into our CarCare and Repair Center too.  How many times has the mechanic called you to share how much a repair is going to cost and you thought... "How could that be that much to fix?"    I never liked that phone call.  So, we now have a discounted labor rate for everyone: $59.95 an hour and many service specials to truly save you money.  Check out our Service Specials

Instant Tag and Title Service

WE can handle all of your tag and title needs.  We are a full agent with the State of Pennsylvania, and we have direct online access to their system so you can leave here with a registration card in hand the same day.  Since we conduct all business following the CarCara Way philosophy, I think you will find you experience here pleasurable compared to your "Typical" Tag and Title Service.

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M-F 10 AM to 7 PM and Sat 10 Am to 5 PM 

  • Registration Cards
  • Title Transfers
  • New or Transfer Tags
  • Notarize Titles
  • DMV Forms
  • Registration Renewal
  • Drivers License Renewal
  • Private Vehicle Sales Transfers 
  • Notary Service
  • and More